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360 ESI has developed our Intelligent Generator Optimization System (IGOS) that increases the efficiency of the electrical distribution system being powered by a generator, resulting in immediate fuel savings without changing any of the operation.  Generators produce KVA, which is the total power output needed to operate the equipment connected to the electrical system.  Power Factor is a measure of how efficiently power supplied by the generator is being utilized, with most generators having a 0.8 or 80% nameplate rating.  As electrical equipment is connected, the power factor is further reduced resulting in an even more inefficient condition.  Poor power factor means more KVA (Total Power) is needed as the generator maintains it’s constant speed, and more power equals more load which equals more fuel consumption and less total power capacity.

The 360 ESI IGOS Unit is an automatic tuning power factor correction system that is custom designed and built for each generator powered application.  It utilizes state of the art components that are custom built for the harsh, higher harmonic electrical system environments typically found with generator power. The IGOS is controlled by an advanced control unit that constantly monitors the power factor of the electrical system automatically adjusting the amount of correction being applied as needed.  By increasing the power factor to 100%, the total power (KVA) is reduced which results in less power needed from the generator to operate the electrical system, resulting in immediate fuel savings and increased electrical capacity.  Typical savings seen are between 30-50% in amperage and 12-20% in fuel consumption by simply installing the IGOS into the electrical system. Less fuel consumption means less CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere, so reducing the carbon footprint is also one of the major benefits.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of the IGOS is the ability to operate larger electrical systems with smaller generators.  With the IGOS installed, a generator can power up to 125% of its max operating load without any issues, resulting in an immediate fuel savings as the smaller generators automatically use less fuel. There is also an immediate cost savings as the smaller generators are typically less expensive. In most applications, the next smaller size generator is chosen to power the specified electrical system, or spread. An example of this would be a 545 KW generator powering a 725 KW electrical spread, or a 725 KW unit powering a 910 KW electrical spread. Even with the cost of the IGOS factored into the smaller generator package, the total cost is still less than the next larger size generator making for an immediate return on investment.


The 360 ESI IGOS works well with land and sea based generator systems no matter what the fuel source.  Diesel powered generators typically yield the shortest return on investment as the cost of diesel fuel is usually higher than other fuel sources, but it is also the most environmentally damaging due to the emissions.  Sea based generators on boats such as cruise ships, transport ships, and fishing vessels always have quick paybacks as the cost of diesel fuel is exponentially higher than land based applications. The IGOS carries the UL listing for both land and sea based installations.


Contact us to help determine if your application is a candidate for the Intelligent Generator Optimization System and see what you could be saving in fuel and operational costs! We measure our success by the measured & verified value that the IGOS adds to the bottom line of your business.

“Every hour, we’re saving 11 gallons, actually $40 an hour just on fuel consumption!”  - Site Manager

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