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OUR MISSION: To help facilities PROTECT their electrical equipment – OPTIMIZE their energy usage – IMPROVE their bottom line – ENSURE their fixture!

ABOUT US: 360 Energy Solutions Inc. (360 ESI) is a global leader in Power Protection and Energy Saving Solutions that help customers improve their bottom line by saving energy and increasing operational uptime, all of which reduce expenses and improve the bottom line profits. Damian Smith, the original founder and current President/CEO of 360 ESI, has been helping businesses save money since 2003 specifically focusing on two major objectives – ONE to help businesses reduce expenses without having to make any operational changes, and TWO to improve their bottom line.


360 ESI employs a holistic approach with each and every customer, specifically looking at Power Protection, Power Quality, Energy Management and Control, Refrigeration & HVAC Optimization, LED Lighting Solutions, and Facility Grounding. The goal is to provide a solution to save money, increase efficiency, and help the customer be more environmentally friendly for the least amount of upfront investment while also providing the maximum benefits. In most cases, the savings is greater than the cost, which results in a net positive cash flow with a $0 capital upfront cost.


As Damian Smith states, “At the end of the day, it’s all about saving money whether it’s through energy savings, power quality improvements, or reduced costs associated with maintenance & downtime.  Saving money by reducing expenses is an easier way to improve the bottom line versus trying to increase sales to yield the same net benefit. 360 ESI specializes at saving money without the customer having to make any changes, and if the business has been in operation for at least 2-Years, our results are guaranteed.  Customers are already paying for what we offer each month, so no new capital or budget dollars are needed.  We simply put money back on the bottom line!”


360 ESI’s corporate office and manufacturing facility is located in the heart of lake country in Minnesota, where we specifically manufacture our Power Factor Correction equipment and one of our HVAC Optimization devices, which both carry the Assembled in the USA labels. We also have affiliate manufacturing facilities in the state of Florida that manufacture our Voltage Conditioning equipment and Intelligent Motor Controller units. Most of our other equipment, including our LED Lighting Solutions, are warehoused in the US and ready to ship as needed.

360 ESI has a network of Energy Specialists that are ready to help businesses start saving today! 

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