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Proactive business owner partners with 360 ESI and WINS!

CHALLENGE: Utility rates will never go down... that is what this owner was realizing after a recent increase in the utility rate. For most businesses, a increase in expenses results in a decrease in profit, and usually there aren’t any warnings ahead of time when an increase in costs are coming. This owner was pro-active in seeking out a solution to the never ending increases in utility expenses.

SOLUTION: 360 ESI took the holistic approach with this facility to get as much energy savings as possible, all with the least amount of investment on behalf of the customer. 360 ESI optimized the electrical system to ensure the power quality was nearly 100% efficient, optimized both the HVAC and Refrigeration equipment, and finally installed a full lighting retrofit package that included LED technology in certain areas. Daylight sensors were also installed in the car wash to keep the lights off when enough daylight was being realized in the car wash area.



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